Dear so-called “Non-VR” GPs

I’ve been trying to contact you all for almost 4 YEARS...


The financial circumstances - indeed Human Rights - of almost 5000 Australian General Practitioners continue to be in dire straits, due to this so-called “VR/Non-VR” GP categorization and resultant pay discrimination of Australian doctors by the federal government.


In February 2012 I made a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to the Department of Health and Ageing, to request the names and contact details of all GPs who are subject to this inequity, so we could unite and fight for justice.


The Department stymied my simple request at every turn, at one point demanding I pay over $165,000 (!!) to access the contact information of all my peers who are subject to this gross injustice. Of course there was no way I could pay even a fraction of such a sum - and they knew it.


The Department of Health and Ageing clearly does not want us to have each others contact details. No surprises as to why: they're trying to stop us uniting and effectively fighting for our legal rights.


For almost 3 years I have been in a protracted (and still unresolved) complaint process with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to try to finally obtain the contact details of each one of you.


But of course, now with this website, there is also another way.


If you are one of the 4750+ Australian-born and trained GPs who are treated so despicably by the federal government please enter your details in the special form directly under this section of the page.


We will then be able to contact all doctors, separately from supporters in the wider community who have signed up for updates, and we can therefore co-ordinate efforts to mobilize the group.


I very much look forward to getting to know you. We've been "divided" for so long, who knows what we can now accomplish "united".


Working together we really can end this deplorable government-created discrimination - once and for all.


I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Dr Peter

MB.BS. (Hons) BSc.

A so-called "Non-VR" GP


Ph: (02) 8006 9332

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Ph: (02) 8006 9332