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We'll be contacting you regularly, to let you know how we're going about ending this disgraceful discrimination and in the process ensuring that you - as a dedicated hardworking GP can continue working in your community.


We know you're (beyond) fed up with this discriminatory practice that has been going on for over two decades.


We know that you have experienced, first hand, the hardship faced so many talented and diligent doctors: the loss of income and superannuation; the disastrous consequences of this shameful bureaucracy on our family lives as spouses, partners and children were also forced to move to country areas and remote locations, so that we (as often the primary breadwinners) could be paid exactly what our "VR" GP colleagues - who worked in the city - were paid.


In the corporate world, if trained professionals are required to work far away from home, they have to be paid MUCH MORE - to compensate for that sacrifice! As is well known, within the mining industry even low-skilled/entry level workers are offered huge financial bonuses to work in remote locations.


Can you imagine how unions would react if

miners were expected to work under

similar conscripted conditions to what we have been??


We, the so-called "Non-VR" GPs, are exceptionally well trained. We have the EXACT SAME medical qualifications, professional experience, patient responsibility, and pay identical staff costs and professional indemnity insurance, as all the many thousands of GPs who were "grandfathered" onto the government's "VR" GP register: yet we are only paid approximately HALF the Medicare from the federal government.


But there will soon be a change... Because finally united together we can end this atrocious discrimination, and in the process ensure we can keep caring for our patients.


And that's what we all want.


We'll be in touch again soon.

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